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BSAU 145d

Registration Styles

Note that you cannot make a vehicle look younger than it actually is, so your Ford Anglia cannot have a 2024 plate on it. You can make your vehicle look older, but not younger, so the date of release of the registration is important

Current Style Numbers: 2001 - 2050

Current Style Numbers are what have been issued every 6 months since 2001 and will continue to be issued until 2050. They consist of 2 letters, 2 numbers and 3 letters, with the 2 numbers indicating the release date.

Anything between 02 and 50 is released in March and anything from 51 to 99 is in September.

The September releases started in September 2001 so 51 relates to Sept 2001, 52 to Sept '02, 61 is September 2011, 71 is September 2021 etc.

The March releases started in March 2002 so 02 is March 2002, 03 is March 2003, 13 is March 2013, 23 is March 2023. You then have 5 letters for customisation. The registration JG20 VES is ideal for a J Groves

Current Style Number Plates
Prefix Style Number Plates

Prefix Style Numbers: 1983 - 2001

Prefix style numbers are so called because the year identifier is the first part (the prefix) of the registration. They consist of a single letter (ignoring I O Q U and Z) a number between 1 and 999 and 3 letters.

The registration J15 USY is great for Susy / Susan names

Suffix Style Numbers: 1963 - 1983

Suffix style numbers, were issued before prefix style numbers and are so called because the year identifier was added to the end of the registration. Because they were released some time ago, suffix style numbers tend to be rarer than prefix style and so tend to have a higher price tag although it can depend on the individual registration.

Again, they consist of 3 letters, up to 3 numbers, from 1 to 999 and then the suffix year letter, missing out I O Q U and Z as with prefix.

Suffix Style Number Plates
Dateless Style Number Plates

Dateless numbers

Dateless numbers are very popular because as their name suggests, they have no year identifier - you cannot visually tell from the letters and numbers as to when the registration was released.

Because of the rule that requires you to not make your vehicle look newer/younger than it is, dateless registrations can go onto any vehicle, regardless of whether its straight off the forecourt or is a classic 1970's example of your pride and joy.

They consist of a block of letters and numbers, or, numbers and letters. Anything up to 4 numbers and anything up to 3 letters. If the registration has an I or a Z in the letters it means its come from Northern Ireland, but that's not an issue because NI registrations can go onto vehicles anywhere on the mainland and allow you to make GAZ, BAZ and TAZ type registrations!

Because of their ability to go onto any vehicle, they tend to be more expensive, however the Irish based dateless numbers tend to have a lower value than their mainland GB equivalents

People with 3 letter names or nicknames get a great choice with dateless. This one is ideal for Eve